Empire Games - Images and videos of Goodgame Empire

Here is a series of screenshots and illustrative images for Goodgame Empire. These have been selected by our team to allow new players who are curious about the visual world of this strategy game to get a sneak peak. You can enlarge the size by clicking on the previews. The game is available in French as well as in a number of other languages, which is why some screenshots shown on this page are in English or German.
A video presentation is also available at the bottom of the page if the images are not enough for you ;)

Goodgame Empire - Basic castle Goodgame Empire - Advanced castle Goodgame Empire - Attack screen Goodgame Empire - Defense screen
Goodgame Empire - Castle extension Goodgame Empire - Crowded city Goodgame Empire - Rubis bonus Goodgame Empire - Map

If images are not enough, here is a "Walkthrough" video showing the 5 first levels of the game Goodgame Empire: